Social Layer Changelog 产品更新文档 #240526


在为 Events 设定 Co-host 时,若对方尚未注册 Social Layer,可以通过填写 Co-host 的邮箱,发送一封邀请邮件。收到 Co-host 邀请邮件的人则可以通过邮件中提供的地址注册/登录 Social Layer,并直接跳转到对应的 Events 页面查看。
When setting a Co-host for Events, if the Co-host has not yet registered on Social Layer, you can invite them by entering their email address. An invitation email will be sent to the Co-host, who can then use the provided link in the email to register or log in to Social Layer. After registration or login, they will be redirected directly to the relevant Events page to view the details.

在查看 Events 详情时,Social Layer 会预先对参与条件进行筛选。仅对符合该 Events 参与条件的用户显示 RSVP 按钮,反之,则只能阅览 Events 信息。
When viewing Event details, Social Layer will pre-filter the participation conditions. Only users who meet the criteria for participating in the Event will see the RSVP button; others will only be able to view the Event information.


现在的 Canlendar View 中,可以同时选择多个 Tag 对 Events 进行检索。勾选任意 Tag 后,Tag 按钮将显示红点提醒。
In the current Calendar View, you can select multiple Tags to filter Events. When any Tag is checked, the Tag button will display a red dot notification.

在 Sola Map 中浏览 Events 时,可以直接在 Events 的展示卡片中了解到活动的开始和结束时间。
When browsing Events in Sola Map, you can directly see the start and end times on the Event display cards.