Social Layer Changelog 产品更新文档 #240429



We have released a redesigned version of the event creation page, with adjustments made to the following sections:

1. 调整了创建活动的时间输入逻辑。
1. A djusted the logic for entering event times.

2. 创建活动时,一部分选项会被预先折叠。其中包含:活动笔记, 联合发起人和嘉宾邀请, 最大参与人数。
Some options are now initially collapsed when creating an event. These include: Event note, Co-Host and Speaker invitation, Maximum participants.

3. 活动的创建者可以在编辑页面修改重复活动的具体时间。
3. Event creators can now modify the specific times for recurring events on the edit page.