Social Layer Changelog 产品更新文档 #240519


对 Timeline View 的整体颜色视觉进行调整。
Adjusts the overall color vision of the Timeline View.

现在你可以通过在 Canlender View 中点击空白部分,创建新的 Events。
You can now create new events by clicking on a blank space in the Calendar View.


现在你可以将自己发布的 Events 设置为 Private Events,访客们只能通过指定分享链接参与该 Events。
You can now set the events you publish as private events. Visitors can only join these events through a specific shared link.


增加了 Canlendar View 中的 Tag 筛选。现在可以在 Canlendar 视图中,通过 Tag 对 Events 进行筛选,快速找到你可能会感兴趣的 Events。
Tag filtering has been added to the Calendar View. You can now filter events by tag in the calendar view, allowing you to quickly find events that might interest you.

进入 Canlendar View 时,时间默认跳转到 8 AM。
When entering Calendar View, the time will default to 8 AM.

增加了 Canlendar View 中的当前时间标记。
A current time marker has been added to the Calendar View.

增加了在 Timeline / Schedule / Calendar 三种 View 中的 Venue 筛选。
Venue filtering has been added to the Timeline/Schedule/Calendar view.

在 Group 的 Event Home List 页面,新增了根据 Today/Week/Month 进行筛选的功能。
The Group's Event Home List page now features a filter function to view events by Today/Week/Month.


增加了 Timeline / Schedule / Calendar 三种 View 的快捷切换。
Quick switching between Timeline/Schedule/Calendar views has been added.