Social Layer Changelog 产品更新文档 #240505

2024/5/05 开放日历相关功能
2024/5/05 New Features about “Canlendar”

  1. 更新了日历同步功能。Create event 或 报名活动(RSVP)之后,可以通过 Add to canlendar 将活动即时同步到自己的日历工具。目前支持 Google Calendar, Yahoo, Outlook, Office365 和 ICS file.
    We have updated the calendar sync feature. After creating an event or RSVPing to an event, you can now instantly sync the event to your calendar using the 'Add to calendar' option. Currently supported calendar tools include Google Calendar, Yahoo, Outlook, Office365, and ICS file.

2. 在 Group 的活动浏览页面,新增了 Canlendar View。现在可以通过日历视图快速浏览当前 Group 的活动列表。
We have added a Calendar View to the activity browsing page in Groups. Now you can quickly browse the list of current group activities through the calendar view.

3. 在 Canlendar View 和 Timeline View 中,通过颜色区别不同 Tag。可以通过颜色快速辨认不同类别的 Group 和 Event。
In the Calendar View and Timeline View, different tags are distinguished by color. You can quickly recognize different categories of groups and events by color.

2024/5/05 关于Sola Map
2024/5/05 About “Sola Map”

  1. 增加了 Event Venue 向 Sola Map 的点击跳转。可以通过在活动页面点击 Venue,直接在 Sola Map 中查看具体位置。
    We've added a feature that allows you to click on the Event Venue to jump to Sola Map. You can now click on the venue on the event page to view the specific location directly on Sola Map.

2024/5/05 关于活动创建页
2024/5/05 About “Create an Event”

  1. 活动信息中的 URL 设置,变更为仅保留其中一条。
    The URL setting has been changed to retain only one option.

2. 默认活动时间长度,更新为 30 分钟。当你填写了活动的开始时间,这场活动的结束时间将会自动填充为 30 分钟后。
The default event duration has been updated to 30 minutes. When you enter the start time of the event, the end time will automatically be filled in as 30 minutes later.

3. Co-host 一栏,可以以文本形式,填写尚未注册 Social Layer 的人的名字。
In the Co-host section, you can now enter the names of individuals who have not yet registered on the Social Layer in text form."

4. 创建 Badge 后,页面将自动跳转,回到该活动创建页,以便于继续填写创建活动时的各项内容和信息。
After creating a badge, the page will automatically redirect back to the event creation page, allowing you to continue filling in the various details and information for creating the event.